What Are The 4 Hottest Trends In Coaching?

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What Are The 4 Hottest Trends In Coaching?

The most common phrase we hear after a coaching session- whether it’s an executive of a thriving company or a student- the reaction is the same, “everyone needs a coach“.

Coaches hold you accountable in a world full of distractions, they push you to set striving goals, keep you grounded in the present, and help you stay focused on progress, knowing goals are ever changing.

Coaches are shaping the future and the industry is growing at an exponential rate.

Coaching is booming- and here is why:

1- Consultants are being phased out

Babyboomers are among the richest, and youngest demographic retiring ever! Statistics say 10,000 babyboomers retire each day! And with their grand exodus comes a gaping need to transfer knowledge to the next generation within companies worldwide. Coaches are trained in strategy, technique, language and mindset to empower others to be resourceful and to transfer knowledge in a way that it is received and sustainable. Over the next decade, consultants will be phased out by coaches, and babyboomers will become certified coaches, repositioning themselves to pay it forward and extend their professional lives.

2- Coaching in a global village

Technology is driving the coaching boom. Great coaches can reach millions of people worldwide from the comfort of their homes. Platforms like ZOOM web conferencing and others make that possible. Apps are being designed to help clients manage progress and even gameify goal setting. Coaching in a global village is the future. Virtual and augmented reality will add a whole new dimension in the coming decade to conquer new frontiers in coaching for individuals and companies.

3- Coaching for inclusion and diversity

Coaching is THE language of inclusion. In the era of ‘Me Too’ and the attention placed on cultural diversity, companies everywhere are making inclusion their mission- whether it’s women at the top, or creating opportunity for minorities. A coach approach is founded in respect, trust, curiosity, and learning about differences. Coaches are influencers and are leading the path to cohesive global teams.

4- Become a Coach to get noticed

More and more, coach-training is the go-to professional development tool. Want to be a public speaker? Become a coach. Want to develop your leadership skills? Become a coach. Want to improve your communication skills? Become a coach. People who develop coaching skills are differentiating themselves at work, in their families, in community and in the world.

Everyone needs a coach. From the boardroom to the the living room- people are turning to coaches to get ahead, get unstuck, and reach their full potential.

Get paid to help others thrive!

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