4 Tips to Push Through Fear

4 Tips to Push Through Fear

In today’s global crisis, people are losing jobs, losing loved ones, and dealing with immense stress, pain and trauma. Honoring the feelings, thoughts and emotions we experience will give us the strength to move through them. As emotions rise and fall on this unexpected path we are all on, our thoughts are still within our control. The good news is, a positive mindset is something we can all cultivate and curate. It’s a decision- no matter what- to keep moving forward.

Ever since I was a young mom watching Disney movies with toddlers, my motto has been “keep moving forward”. I was inspired by Lewis, a wide eyed 12-year-old orphan/ inventor who kept scaring off potential parents with his off-the-wall inventions in the movie ‘Meet the Robinson’s’. Lewis – albeit a cartoon character- never stopped pursuing his dream. In very challenging times in my life- living with an addict, divorce, child custody battles, financial ruin, 13 moves, sickness and surgeries and now #COVID19– Lewis’s motto “keep moving forward” saved me and my young family. It was the reminder I needed to put one foot in front of the other, trusting that momentum would get me through the dark times. Nothing stays good, nothing stays bad. Change is the only certainty! Which is likely why I was so intuitively drawn to coaching; the science of change.

Working on keeping our thoughts clean and staying focused on positive messages is critical in a time when negativity is easy to give into. Facing a pandemic is a good time for fear to show its grim face, and mindset is your best weapon.

First, accept that fear will have a place at the table in this crisis. There is no such things as being ‘fearless”! There is only a decision to face your fears. Bravery and courage rise from fear- not in absence of it. So, if you feel afraid right now, allow yourself to feel that fear, and decide to use it to fuel you to keep moving forward no matter what. Invite fear to the table, and let it be your compass towards the discomfort zone of growth and perseverance. 

4 Tips to Help You Push Through Fear


1- Have a vision

Crystallize your goals. Knowing what you want is the most important step to moving through fear. When you can feel, taste, see, hear the reward that sits on the other side of fear, you will be pulled towards it.

2- Believe you can

If this one is hard for you- fake it until you believe it. Marvel at the power of your mind. Neuroscience has proven visualization is a mighty tool to manifest what we want or aspire to be. Create a mantra along with a visual of yourself that empowers you and energizes you. Imagine yourself as unstoppable, and you will become that.

3- Take action

Idol minds wander and create space for fear to grow. An engaged mind is a learning mind. Read, write, brainstorm ideas, draw, or create. Action builds momentum and clears a pathway through fear.

4- Help someone

Do for others. Empathy and compassion create connection. When we are connected we feel strong and capable. And the more time you spend doing for others, the less time you have to contemplate your fears.


Canada Coach Academy is offering free coaching sessions for anyone who would like someone to talk to in this period of isolation. We honour you for taking us up on this offer. Send me a private message or you can reach me at nathalie@canadacoachacademy.com to get connected to one of our compassionate coaches today.

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