Are You a Good Coach?

Pictured: Great memories from an awesome course with our Montreal April 2019 Coach Group


Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry.

It’s no wonder there is so much buzz about coaching in both the wellness industry and corporate world.

So you might be asking yourself, what makes a good coach and would I be a good coach?

If you answer yes to the following questions, you have what we call Coaching DNA.

• Has anyone you know ever said you should be a coach?
• Are you drawn to helping people?
• Are you curious about people and how they think?
• Do you enjoy witnessing others grow and learn?

Unlike common misperceptions, coaching is not giving advice. It’s a helping
profession like no other you’ve experienced. Coaches are thinking partners.
Great coaches accept not having the answers and instead help their clients be
students of their own experiences.

Coaching is strategic, skillful and thoughtful. It is not just a nice conversation.

Attributes of a great coach can be learned, practiced and mastered.

Here Are Our Top 10 Attributes of A Great Coach:

1. Empathy

Great coaches are compassionate and empathetic. They never resort to
shaming, bating or doubting to motivate a client.

2. Partnering

Great coaches partner with clients on equal footing. There is no hierarchy in
coaching. The best coaches create space for others to improve their quality of

3. Continuous Learning

If there’s a book, course, program or training that can help them develop
themselves, their business or their skills a great coach is the first to dive in. The
best coaches never get tired of learning and never ever say “I know all I need
to know now.”

4. Conscious Listener

Great coaches listen 80% of the time, and talk 20%. They don’t listen to speak,
they listen to create awareness in another person.

5. Curious Learner mindset

Possibly the most important skill — a great coach is curious. They want to
understand the world through the client’s eyes, and poke holes in the stories
they hear the client telling themselves.

6. Visionary

Great coaches help clients articulate clear and measurable goals.

7. Appreciative

Great coaches build on a client’s strengths and protect their client’s confidence.

8. Observant

Great coaches pay attention to both what is said and what is not said. They
listen for limiting beliefs and look for connections, themes and patterns.

9. Manage Progress

A great coach understands small changes lead to big transformations.

10. Trustworthy

Great coaches are trust worthy. Period.

Canada Coach Academy

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