Assumptions get us into trouble ALL the time. 

When someone says “I love flowers” the image of a flower will pop up in your mind. The flower you envision is likely the flower that most appeals to you- and so we often as humans ASSUME others think of the same “red rose” that I am thinking of… BUT… what if the other person’s favourite flower is in fact a daisy? ⁠⠀
Assumptions lead us down slippery slopes. We fall victim to the habitual thinking and generalizations we make- without checking in with others- “Hmm, I’m wondering, what kind of flower you were thinking of when you mentioned the word ‘flower'”?⁠⠀
⁠Did you know the exact opposite of assuming is curiosity? Lead with curiosity to keep communication clean and healthy. Stay curious about your thoughts and the language others use. Notice how your assumptions misguide you, and ask questions to check for meaning and understanding. ⁠⠀

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