Being mindful of your body-language

Body-language communicates how you feel and what you think more than you realize!

Being mindful of your body-language is the first step to thoughtfully considering what you are saying to others with your eyes, shoulders, hand gestures and slight movements. Some studies suggest that words are only 7% of communication and that physiology (body-language) makes up 54% of what we communicate to others! Tone of voice makes up the balance. ⠀

As coaches, we learn to create awareness of our own body-language and to pay close attention to the body-language of others. ⠀

Start today by creating awareness. What are you communicating to others with your eyes? Your gestures? Could it be boredom, disdain, disapproval? ⠀

Best (and most painful 😝) way to create awareness of your own body language is watching yourself on video!!! ⠀

Try it today! 👍⠀

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