Coach Crossings – Interview with André

It was my pleasure to interview André Pedneault, and it was with my sincere appreciation that he was willing to do so in English to benefit our English speaking viewers today.

André, a French Canadian born and raised in Quebec, has developed his career in different environments. Small and large businesses, including fields of manufacturing, I-technology, and mining. His leadership experiences brought him to understand that at the core of every business, it’s the people that count. There is a need to take care of the people, and that results in a change within organizational operations. He felt that the biggest impact that he could have is to become a coach, focused on people and helping them develop their potential.

André came to Canada Coach Academy when he was recruited for a position abroad in a key role as a coach. He was enrolled in the Performance Coach program before being deployed to New Caledonia where he was a well positioned lead and coach to his team. André recently returned and has continued coaching within local organizations. 

In a coaching conversation André listens attentively, seeking to understand the essence of what the coachee is trying to communicate. André understands that people communicate through words, emotions, and body language. As a coach he listens for what they are trying to communicate as they share the conversation by interjecting questions, raising awareness, and positioning different angles. His role is to support a situation wherein an awareness is created and the person owns their ability to recognize opportunity and make a change.

The more André coaches, the more he raises his own awareness. He shares how coaching allows him to enjoy his life and creates a sense of fulfillment. His mission as a coach is to develop people, and André knows how to do it the right way. He’s not telling, he’s not teaching, he’s coaching. He was once a change agent, but today his impact has increased by his desire to extend an opportunity to improve each and every person he meets. This has an extended ripple effect on the coachee’s team, and their entire organization in turn benefits from an empowering environment supporting employee performance.

André, paints a powerful metaphor of his desired impact as he describes a walk on the beach. As we walk we leave a footprint on the sand, and then the wave comes and washes it away. What doesn’t wash away is the fact that we were there. What he would like is to be remembered as having contributed to people’s success in their lives, or in their jobs. Perhaps a memory of having walked along with them through their hard times. André has seen the profound positive impact coaching can have on others. 

If André were to have a billboard the world could see, his would say: “Life is short. Live and enjoy as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn and grow as if you were to live forever.” a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

André, Vous m’inspirez et je sais que vous aiderez beaucoup de gens! Merci! – Leah

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