Coach Crossings – Interview with Biju

Coach Crossings – Interview with Biju

Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:

Biju Misra embodies what it means to be a leader. He challenges people to stretch and challenge the status quo. His quiet confidence exudes strength, conviction and a little bit of humor in every step. What stand out most as you get to know Biju- he won’t ask you to do anything he isn’t willing to do himself.

Recently we had the pleasure to sit down with Biju for a chat about what brought him to coaching. (See the full video interview here).

Born in India and raised in a large, close knit family, Biju traveled the world before settling in Toronto with his wife and son. While in his youth, and immersed in the culture of Japan, Biju found a metaphor in Bamboo, a powerful example of growth, resilience and strength.

A passionate leader, Biju’s curiosity has led him on a journey to seek out ways to maximize team engagement and performance. When the concept of coaching kept popping up, Biju was inspired to learn more. In his search for an ICF training, he came across Canada Coach Academy (CCA) and found what he was looking for; applied training with a structure and framework he could relate to and that would offer him tools and strategies to better support the people he leads.

Out of all the ICF programs he reached out to, CCA’s co-founder, Nathalie Blais stood out from the rest with her interest in what he wanted to achieve as a coach. She was interested in him, not just in making a sale like many of the other programs out there. That made the difference and he proceeded to complete his ICF Certification with CCA shortly thereafter. In fact, he found so much value in the training that he brought CCA into his company to lead his management team in Leader As Coach training which has proven to be a great benefit to everyone involved.

When learning about what it means to be a coach, Biju was particularly impressed with the difference between coaching, mentoring and therapy- concepts that are often muddled in the corporate world. There is an expectation in most companies that leaders tell people what to do which, in his experience, telling leads to divided teams; not united teams. Becoming a certified coach taught Biju when to coach and when to mentor, learning the critical difference in each approach. Biju feels he is now better at helping his team take responsibility for their actions, their development, and their effect on the people around them. He is now more focused on asking the right questions to help his team find their own answers rather than telling them what to do. Biju believes a coach approach is invaluable for organizations. When people are coached, they feel special and that their contribution matters. This, in turn, increases the overall strength of the team. Coaching has taught Biju that listening, responding thoughtfully, and resisting the urge to solve everyone’s problem is empowering. 

As a Coach, Biju approaches conversations far more curious than he was before and he has an awareness of his own vices as a leader that he did not have before. He is able to understand his own triggers and can now minimize the impact of his bias. He has also learned to let go and this in turn has reduced his stress level. Learning to partner to discover solutions has reduced a lot of the pressure on him to solve problems. 

Biju’s shares his personal mission with us: “To empower people to be better and achieve their goals.” Simple and clear.  Everyone wants to be better. He wants to help people get what they want. Value systems may differ from person to person, but one thing that remains constant is people’s desire to feel connected and heard. Biju enjoys the connection that comes with helping people discover what they are good at.

When asked what footprint he will leave on the world, Biju says in a humble voice that he hopes everyone he interacts with is a little better than when he initially met them. He says it’s about them, not him.

And finally, the message Biju would write on a billboard for the world to see: “Live your truth. What empowers you is right”. Whether other people agree with you or not, at the end of the day you are happiest when you live what you believe to be true to you.

Biju is a coach making a difference in the world, each and every day.

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