Coach Crossings – Interview with Caroline

Coach Crossings – Interview with Caroline

by Leah Butz


 Caroline loves being with people. It was a privilege to feel that love while I interviewed her for the Canada Coach Academy’s Coach Crossings project.                                                                                                                                      

Caroline is originally from Montreal and currently resides in Toronto where she is a Conflict Management and Resolution Specialist and Canada Coach Academy Consultant. She is the mother of three adult children. 

Caroline has over 25 years of professional experience in the not for profit and post- secondary sectors; developing programs, facilitating conflict resolution and managing issues and crisis. Over the span of her career, she has acquired expertise in mediation, facilitation, advising, consulting and counseling. Caroline has a BA with a focus on community development from Concordia University. She is currently a candidate for ICF Accreditation.                         

Central to her work is Caroline’s strongly held belief that people matter. Caroline loves what she does for a living and who she serves in the process. Caroline decided to become a coach because it was a set of skills she has been developing her whole life. She compared becoming a coach to being a master swimmer. Her background includes work in different lanes and using core skills in different lanes. Coaching became another natural lane that she wanted to learn how to swim/operate within.                                                                                                                       
Like many Canada Coach Academy coaches, Caroline was brought to the certification process by her care for others. She called and spoke with Nathalie Blais and identified her as a passionate coaching mentor that she wanted to learn from. She was excited to begin the process.                                                                                                                
What Caroline really loves about the coaching conversation is the respect and belief in the client. She’s keen on being the facilitator to help a person think, work through, and resolve their own problems.                                             
Coaching hasn’t changed her life, it’s enhanced her life. Coaching has taught her the power of silence, holding space and the power of presence. Appreciation and validation are strategies and approaches that she has come to value. Her work and life mission extends perfectly to coaching. People matter.                                                                           
Her ‘why’ is simple, yet profound. For Caroline, having helpful conversations is exhilarating. She wants to be remembered by the manner by which she engaged with people. Her impact having been a part of meaningful and helpful conversations.  That she cared enough to create a space of honor, and to have had the conversations that people wanted and needed to progress.                                                                                                                                
Her message for the world is “People Matter”. Two simple words that say so much about her passion and love for people. Caroline’s billboard reminds us all of the impact of holding the people we engage with in high honour. Caroline is an example of this in word and deed. It is our honour to get to know her. Thank you Caroline! 


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