Coach Crossings – Interview with Dawn

Coach Crossings – Interview with Dawn


Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:


My words will not do justice to the beautiful feeling that comes from listening to Dawn talk about her passion for coaching. Dawn Marvasti is filled with love. She is caring, patient and loves to help people navigate challenges.  She is most fulfilled when she is supporting others; helping anyone within her reach. Her most charming attribute is her ability to bring people together and put people at ease. She loves to create community and has strong family ties, most evident as a doting, passionate mother to her teenage daughter and devoted wife to her husband of 25 years.

With 10 years’ experience in education, organizational leadership, change management and cultural development Dawn brings great value to the table. She has developed and delivered over 30 workshops on performance improvement and change implementation all the while on a track to continuous self -improvement. Having recently completed a Harvard Business School Certification in Management Essentials, and additional certifications in Cross Cultural Communication, Change Management, and Positive Psychology she is always on a path to higher education. She is currently completing an ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt.  All this on the heels of becoming a certified Performance Coach with Canada Coach Academy! So impressive!

What brought Dawn to coaching? For as long as she can remember, Dawn has been unofficially coaching those around her. However, she found herself hanging on giving advice. She felt she needed something else in these conversations. When she discovered coaching, she believed that she found what she was missing.

As Dawn began searching for a place to complete her coaching certification, she called many schools. When she called Canada Coach Academy, she felt something was different. She was looking for something real and that she could trust.

On her journey as a coach, Dawn has learned a coaching conversation is partnering. A good coach does not offer expertise but helps to clarify the coachee’s thoughts. A great coach removes judgement and helps others investigate their thoughts and circumstances to see new possibilities and create new opportunities. As a coach, she is committed to help others find their inner power.

Dawn says, “Everyone is unique and every experience is unique. I take those experiences to a place of accountability that impacts the outcome. Feelings of responsibility and pride help people make and own their decisions. No matter the answer or outcome, you were the one who made that decision”. Dawn believes in the power of small changes and her fulfillment comes from witnessing that “Ah-ha!” moment in her clients’ lives.

Dawn sees her learning like a beautiful piece of art in progress; an opportunity to harmonize the details and then give them back to the world. She is so happy she came across CCA. Coaching isn’t just a job, it’s a gift that helps her better understand herself and others. She believes as people learn how to articulate and embrace their goals, they are better prepared to achieve them.  

“Let your inner artist coach your brilliant mind” is Dawn’s message for the world. Dawn believes there is an inner artist in every one of us. When we believe in that, we can better manage our struggles and create beautiful outcomes. “You don’t have to be Einstein, Picasso, Da Vinci, or Barbara Streisand to do your part,” she says with passion. “Coaching brings those inner abilities out in every one of us”.

Thank you Dawn for sharing your inspiring message for the world.

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