Coach Crossings – Interview with Eurico Da Silva, World Class Jockey and Performance Coach

Coach Crossings – Interview with Eurico Da Silva, World Class Jockey and Performance Coach

by Leah Butz


Today I had the honour of chatting with Eurico Rosa Da Silva. Eurico is a professional Jockey and 6 time champion in Canada with over 2800 wins. In addition to his Jockey career, he is passionate about establishing himself as a performance coach. He lives in Ontario with his wife Orlaith and 3 kids, William, Amalelia, and Isabelle. In a recent interview Eurico shares what inspired him to become a Certified Performance Coach with Canada Coach Academy and the powerful impact this experience has had on his life.

Eurico, originally from a small town in Brazil, has been riding horses all his life. His decorated career as a Jockey demands hyper focus and mental strength. His success as a top athlete in his sport has been built on conditioning his mindset.

In the last 12 years, Eurico has proudly stepped up to mentor athletes and friends. Yet, as a mentor he found something to be lacking in his approach. He felt there was a better way to be in service to others and have a bigger impact. When he discovered ICF Performance Coaching as a way to help people live their best lives he signed up right away. He says it was the best gift that he could have given himself. He could not imagine helping others without what he has learned. His confidence has grown immensely as a coach and he hopes to be able to help as many people as possible.

Being a coach is a way for Eurico to give back. He sees it as a gift. His mission as a coach is to help a person be the best they can be. Eurico would like to infect the world with positive energy, especially his friends and family. In the featured interview , we ask CCA Coaches if they had one chance to print a message on a billboard the world could see, what would it be, Eurico’s message would read “Invest in Yourself!”:

Thank you Eurico. You will touch many lives.


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