Coach Crossings – Interview with Ian

Coach Crossings – Interview with Ian

Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:

Ian believes that everyone has a right to a second chance. It was our pleasure to interview Ian and we know you will enjoy listening to his thoughts, experiences, and his mission as a Leadership and Executive Coach.

Ian MacFarlane was born in the UK then he lived in various parts of South Africa before moving to Canada. Ian is an energetic and creative thought leader who believes that character, continuous learning, competency, and above all empathy, are core to success. Ian is driven by a passion to help individuals, teams and organizations align their values, talents and purpose to discover their true niche in a volatile and fast paced world. Ian worked in Hong Kong for a decade and spent most of his career in faced paced financial services. He has had a progressive career of leadership positions across 4 continents in the investment banking, asset management and private research industries. Ian thrives on complexity and change and in helping others do the same.

In a coaching conversation, Ian is primed to help people realize their dreams. Modest or aggressive, each person has a right to a second chance. As a coach, he stirs accountability within his clients. Ian shares his belief that a person is the expert to themselves, and coach is an expert in the process. Connecting on an emotional level can have a profound impact. Being a coach has changed Ian’s life by providing a meaningful existence, focused on value. He shared, “Coaching is about recognizing vulnerabilities to drive us forward, to drive us toward something we want to do.” It’s wonderful that coaching can be a meeting of the minds. Providing new experience with perspective on what they’re doing. The world asks, Can you keep abreast of the pace of change?  Ian’s committed to lifelong learning, it’s a momentum that we need to perpetuate.

Ian is committed to lifelong learning. Examining personal skill set isn’t just about hard skills, but includes soft skills. It’s about having complementary skills as well as technical skills, well rounded skills, experience of life. He believes that it’s important to reflect and ask, “What is life teaching us?” Ian is also passionate about the celebration of small victories and small goals of purpose.  He shares, “Celebration of small goals is what leads to purpose.”  

Ian believes that the world of artificial intelligence is something we are going to have to learn to live with. AI causes a demand on the global economy. Though technology and big data helped us bring education to more areas, there has been an increasing damage to the learning process. Children need the opportunity to write and reflect, and learn about themselves as they do so. Ian believes that we need to use technology more effectively. We need to get to know ourselves, it’s a tool that we are in charge of. We need to realize what we have to offer. Ian has a developing footprint on the world. He’s reinventing himself. By becoming a coach, he did something for others beyond himself. As a coach, Ian helps people achieve a more happy, meaningful and satisfying life. 

“Empathy is the core of a strong community.” is Ian’s message on a billboard for the world to see. He believes that we need to be inspiring a greater understanding of needs, from the perspective of those in need. There may not be a solution to all the problems, but Ian believes that we can solve more through being aware of our own perspective. People want to change, but can’t figure out how to change. Ian reminds us that partnering with a coach can help business processes become more thoughtful more purposeful. Capitalism isn’t meeting needs. Ian shares, somewhere along the line, we lost what those needs were. Inequality isn’t about jealousy, it’s about comparison. Ian believes we need to reflect more upon the Inequality between countries. Ian hopes that coaching can help break down the monetized value that disrupts our value for the person. He inspires thoughts of a global community, connected through coaching and identifying needs and wants. Ian believes that coaching is becoming a way of life. There are no readymade answers, but perspective taking is the only way forward. The power of a community is going to be the power of someone working on their own personal growth, and Ian believes that coaching is a part of that solution. Ian shares, “As long as we are growing, we are always hopeful as long as we are always hopeful, we are optimistic.” 

Ian, you remind us of the power of coaching and its unlimited impact within the person, and throughout the world. Thank you again for all you have shared with us, and we hope you will continue to share your thoughts and inspiration and passion with the Canada Coach Academy Community.

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