Coach Crossings – Interview with Laurence

Coach Crossings – Interview with Laurence

Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:

Laurence Pichon is a Performance Coach specializing in executive coaching and career development. She is an Accredited Facilitator with Canada Coach Academy. She has 20+ years of global experience in business & people development. A passionate human development ambassador, Laurence is known for her expertise in transition and leadership coaching in cross-cultural environments and with global teams. Laurence is an ICF certified coach. She holds a diploma in Business Management from EDHEC Business School.

In 2004, Laurence was sent to Canada on a 4 month assignment that turned into a permanent relocation. She fell in love with the country and became a citizen. She settled in Montreal where she now lives with her family. Laurence spent most of her career as a Marketing executive in the food industry. When she was asked to step up into a new role, she got an executive coach to help with that transition. Having a coach was a life-changing experience for her. If she could have had a coach earlier in her career, she feels that she would have been more efficient as a manager. During a corporate restructuring, Laurence was in a time of transition and reached out to her coach with a desire to learn more about coaching methodology. She took the certification course from Canada Coach Academy, and recognizing her passion, became a certified Coach.

 Laurence describes a coaching conversation as a partnership. The coaching relationship is about creating self-awareness, stimulating thinking and growth. There is an impact, eventually leading to action, leading to change. She feels coaching conversations are very powerful. In her own career, Laurence spent most of her time focused on trying to reach objectives. She has realized that people development is what has the greatest impact on success. Coaching on the business side, Laurence strives to demonstrate that if you develop people first, your business development will follow. Now, as a coach, she dedicates her energy to developing people and empowering people with the resources that they have within and creating the awareness that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Laurence is aware of the impact of coaching a person as a whole. It’s not just about being a business coach or a life coach. She coaches people with an understanding that their work life isn’t separate but intertwined. By being aware of strengths and building upon them, her clients can thrive within their personal life, just as much as within their professional realm.

If Laurence could write on a world-wide billboard, her message would be, “It’s up to you”. She understands that most people feel powerless. Life happens and circumstances can leave us feeling overwhelmed. But, she reminds us, there is always a choice. We may not be able to control what happens, but we can control our reaction and what we do, it’s up to us.

It was our pleasure to get to know Laurence during her Coach Crossings interview, and gain a deeper understanding of her passion for coaching.

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