Coach Crossings – Interview with Leah

Coach Crossings – Interview with Leah

Today on “Coach Crossings”, we have the pleasure of introducing Leah Butz. She has a unique ability to connect with and support those within her reach. 

Leah is passionate about fostering strong connections, near and far. Her background is in Online Community Development and Management. Leah is an ambitious idea generator supporting innovation-driven growth. She has over 10 years of Leadership and Volunteer experience assisting hundreds of local and International adult learners with educational and career transitions. Leah has a Bachelors of Science degree in Communication with an emphasis in Human Resource Management and Educational Development. Leah is currently a Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. Leah assists with our online community development, Coach Interviews, and content creation for our corporate blog “Coach Crossings”

Leah was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, then spent 20 years in the United States. Though she loved the people she met as a result of her life adventures, she is happy to be back in Canada. Leah lives in the foothills district, south of Calgary, with her husband Damon. They are the parents of 5 awesome people. Being a mom has been one of the pivotal learning experiences of her life. 

Leah’s was originally going to just call herself a life coach and begin offering her support professionally, but she felt something was missing. Seeking out certification became the fuel to her passion. Canada Coach Academy provided the credentials that enabled her to not only understand coaching, but as a reminder of her professional passions.  As Leah entered the board room and met her certification cohort, she was reminded of the corporate setting that she had experienced and enjoyed. She is passionate about coaching on the corporate level.

For Leah, the coaching conversation was an introduction to a new way to engage with people. Coaching is not mentoring. Coaching is about listening on a deep level. A coach listens powerfully and deeply supporting you as you discover a deeper awareness. As a coach, Leah stays curious and asks intuitive questions. It’s a place of trust and it’s completely confidential. Time is also a factor. People around us are often trying to provide a quick solution or an answer to our problems. Leah points out that we often give our problems a little bit of attention and then move on to thinking about something easier. A coaching conversation is dedicated time and  that is what changes everything. 

Leah points out an important part of the Canada Coach Academy certification process. As we are certifying to become coaches, we practice coaching together. Leah shares that she has received over 50 hours of personal coaching with her CCA peers in training. For Leah, being coached has opened the door to a deep self awareness, and has provided her with an ownership of her personal mission. It’s Leah’s favourite way to learn about herself. Leah values any opportunity to be coached. It pulls her out of her ‘quick solution’ mode and helps her uncover what’s really going on. Coaching has also changed her family dynamic. Leah used to care about everyone in a different way. Instead of providing her agenda, she has developed the skills to stay curious, non judgmental, to truly listen and to inspire ownership by asking questions. Leah shared that her husband received a lot of coaching as well. Those sessions helped him realize his limitations and what was holding him back. This opened the door to him starting his own Architectural Design Firm. Leah found this first hand experience a powerful example of what is possible within the coaching process. She’s really proud of her husband, and her new abilities as a coach. If Leah could go back in time she would avoid all questions that start with “Why” and instead say, “Tell me more”, and “What’s the impact of that choice?”. Coaching has improved her relationships with her kids, especially with her adult children who are facing great opportunities.  

Leah’s mission is in the form of Irish blessing “Let this space of trust and love invite truth of struggle and deepened awareness that the path of possibility and potential may be revealed.” She reviews this prior to each coaching session to remind her that what she provides is a place of trust and love, that she is there to invite the truth of what people are struggling with. She also feels it’s important to help her coachee consider what will take place when they leave the session, Leah asks questions like, What then is next? What goal do you need to achieve? and who do you need to support you? 

Leah’s desired footprint is to have been an example of how personal perspective can have an impact. She wants to be remembered as someone who truly listened and helped people realize that there may be a solution they haven’t yet considered. Leah also wants people to remember that optimism and happiness is not a fleeting moment in time. Optimism can help you navigate and make progress through the tough times and it can also help you to really enjoy the good times. 

When asked what message Leah would write on a billboard for the world to see, she responds, “You are an awesome child of God.” Leah believes that all people have infinite value. It’s something she has felt often in her life, even when the world seemed full of negative messages and limiting belief in her abilities. In her personal desire to achieve she has felt a feeling of peace, purpose and someone championing her desire to contribute to the good in the world. She feels that same passion for those within her reach, knowing that they can improve and become successful leaders in the world, the office, or within the walls of their own homes.

A huge thank you from the CCA team, Leah. We are so excited to be part of your journey! 

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