Coach Crossings – Interview with Lisa

Coach Crossings – Interview with Lisa 

by Leah Butz


You need to meet Lisa De Nicola. Her innate passion for helping people achieve success is inspiring. It’s a natural talent that she has recently taken to a new level within the professional coaching realm. Lisa lives in Toronto, and comes from a tight knit Italian family. She is a dynamic, experienced HR professional who’s played an integral role in thousands of peoples lives coaching and consulting professionals along their professional journey as they navigate through their lives and careers. She has developed her career through cultivating strong relationships and identifying top talent for Tier 1 global organizations. I loved learning more about how her personal and professional offerings have evolved by taking a step into the coaching arena.

 Lisa has often been within reach of those seeking her advice. She’s counted on by friends and associates to be a sounding board. Career and skill development led her to reflect on her passion for developing people. She decided to pursue a coaching certification which helped her to see her coaching opportunities in a new way.

 While researching where to take a coaching certification, Lisa wanted to invest in a Canadian company that she could learn and connect with. Meeting with Nathalie, Co-founder of Canada Coach Academy, was part of that decision.

Lisa knows what’s different about a coaching conversation. As Lisa’s coaching client, you are provided a safe space, an opportunity to freely think through and process your thoughts and ideas. With the right coach, it’s a safe space for you to be challenged with what you’re thinking. Lisa has developed her skills to coach you effectively.

Lisa now asks the questions she wasn’t asking before. She’s always been reflective, introspective, and taken a lens to her own thoughts, emotions, and learning strategies yet coaching has allowed her to take a step further and ask powerful questions. This has allowed her to further develop her skills on a whole new level. She is able to support and partner with people in a whole new way. In fact, her mission as a coach is to partner and support professionals on their path of self development. She is a support to them wherever they may be on their personal journey. Lisa feels self development is best considered as a life-long journey.

 Lisa’s impact is found within helping people who fully embrace their skills, gifts, and talents. She reminds us that the best gift that we can give ourselves is to embrace our natural skills, to find our way to contribute and give back to the world. Lisa’s message to the world is “Know yourself and you can change the world.” She asks us to imagine a world where everyone is walking around, knowing who they are. Its a domino effect impacting how we show up, how we live our lives, how we interact, contribute and add value. Lisa’s friends, family, and clients are in good hands, and we wish her the best in her coaching journey.


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