Coach Crossings – Interview with Marie-Claude

Coach Crossings – Interview with Marie-Claude


Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:

Marie-Claude Lapalme is an accomplished bilingual facilitator, trainer, and credentialed executive coach. Her work spans over 15 years. She has had the pleasure of working with leaders throughout Canada, the US & Europe. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies in the mining sector, financial services, hi-technology, consumer goods, pharma, property management/ developers, retail, manufacturing, as well as government organizations. Marie-Claude is accredited by the International Coach Federation and a graduate of the MBA program at University of California. She also assisted with the development of the Canada Coach Academy Certification program, and facilitates training in both Montreal and Africa.

Located in Montreal, Marie-Claude is a citizen of the world that she lives, works and travels within.  Marie-Claude was brought to coaching while in a position that she wasn’t very passionate about. A friend suggested that she get a coach. She found a coach that lead her through a process of inquiry. Learning more about herself, Marie-Claude experienced first hand the wonders of coaching. She experienced a powerful blend of learning business skills and helping her discover and learn more about herself. This was an experience she became passionate about sharing!

A coaching conversation gave her the permission, and the power, to have all of her answers come from within. Marie-Claude feels that this is the biggest contribution coaching brings to the world. Coaching believes that people are whole, capable, and competent. Coaching believes that the answer is in there, it just hasn’t been tapped into. It’s a powerful feeling to come up with solutions to your own problems. Coaching inspires a transformative conversation. Marie-Claude also sees the beauty of transformation as she teaches coaching and shares, “You see the light of revelation go on in someone’s eyes, it’s exciting, and it’s empowering.” She loves to live that same experience through the new participants she coaches. Marie-Claude shares, coaching isn’t something you do 9-5, it’s a mindset. She brings this mindset to all the conversations that she has, including her relationships with loved ones.

 Marie-Claude’s mission is to bring coaching to as many people as possible. She shares “These are not just coaching skills, these are life skills”.  If people learn the coaching techniques, they will have better relationships, better conversations with friends and co-workers. Marie-Claude feels it’s important to realize people don’t have to become professional coaches, but they do need to learn these essential skills.

Her desired impact on the world, is to have made coaching accessible to as many of people in the world as possible. The Majority World is where her efforts are currently focused. Marie-Claude has seen first-hand the opportunity that coaching brings to the challenges that the people there are facing. She is passionate about this opportunity to bring coaches to an area of the world that doesn’t have the resources to access this type of professional development.  Her goal is to have made some inroads to Majority NGO World Leaders. She is currently involved in this mission and she anticipates that coaching will have a profound effect.

Marie-Claude’s message for a billboard for the world is, “Ask good questions, listen deeply, and a completely new world will open up to you”. She finds this is the essence of coaching. If everyone was doing that a little bit everyday, the world would be transformed. Marie-Claude we would love to have another update soon, and we wish you the best with your efforts and opportunities, please keep us posted!

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