Coach Crossings – Interview with Michael Prosserman

Coach Crossings – Interview with Michael Prosserman


Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:


Michael Prosserman is a professional speaker, coach and the Founder of Unity Charity (, an organization using Hip Hop to improve youth mental health and well-being. Michael built Unity from the ground up over 15 years out of his passion for breakdancing (“bboying”) and mental health. By high school, Michael was accepted into Cirque Du Soleil and was featured in the major motion picture “Honey”. Since then, he has performed for over 300 audiences and spoken at over 100 schools.

Michael grew Unity from a group of volunteers to employing 80 staff, raising $7 million and having an impact on the lives of over 250,000 youth. Michael has spoken and run workshops for over 300 groups from Asia to Europe to the Canadian Arctic. Michael speaks from lived experience, bringing a practical, innovative approach to coaching, consulting and teaching. Michael is currently the CEO of EPIC Leadership Support Inc (, a firm focused on supporting leaders to reach their full potential. Michael specializes in leadership development, succession, workplace mental health, team building, and social entrepreneurship. Michael serves on the board of several charities and has a strong passion for making the world a better place for all.

Today we are taking a behind the scenes look at what brought Mike to coaching, and how coaching has transformed his unique worldwide offering. Mike has always wanted to be better at talking less. His empowerment model is what lead him to coaching. He was inspired by the accountability to awareness that people discover through coaching. His desire to improve is what lead him to this opportunity to change his life. Mike was impressed with Canada Coach Academy and enjoyed the experience of learning with his group and from Nathalie.

In a coaching conversation, Mike talks a lot less, but partners with people in digging into new levels of awareness, challenging them with questions, and holding them accountable. Mike believes in being there for them, and asking the right questions to move them forward. He knows that if he’s doing a good job, he’s helping his client move forward their thinking to somewhere they have never been before. As a coach, Mike knows he’s not there to relate or provide solutions, but to bring them to a place of powerful challenges. He puts the ownership on the person, inspiring them to ask, “What’s the impact of the way I’m thinking about myself, or my situation?”

The coaching mindset has transformed the people he works with and the relationships he has. Becoming a coach has helped Mike in moving away from assumptions and towards curiosity. Mike’s curiosity is what uncovers powerful solutions for his clients. He removes himself from the issue at hand, and puts the person he’s working with first. His mission is to help people make responsible impact. Encouraging people to reflect on the impact they are having, and move that forward. He knows we learn from doing.

Mike enjoys supporting his clients through challenging transitions, whether that’s leading an organization in a new way, or transitioning into a new professional role. Mike knows from his own experience how lonely it can be at the top. Though there are great people around you, it’s rare that the people within reach will be able to take in what you need to share. It’s lonely at the top. It can be unforgiving. This is why people need a coach, to be heard, and to work through their challenges both personally and professionally. He missed this in his own role. He meets his clients where they are at. He supports people through the challenging moments.

Mikes message to the world is “What is your responsible impact?” By asking this question and applying it to the work we are doing we can be aware of how we can be doing better. He went in to his role at Unity as a heroic leader and left as a team motivator and culture builder. A lot can change over time, and Mike believes we should make the most of it. If you’re a social impact leader, or need an awesome person to coach you through a transition, visit, Mike is ready to coach you forward. Thanks for inspiring the Canada Coach Academy Community Mike. It was a pleasure to learn from you!

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