Coach Crossings – Interview with Mimi

Canada Coach Academy would like to introduce you to Mimi Bhutia. Mimi is treasured within the Canada Coach Academy community for her happy, can do mindset. Her lifelong learning attitude and dedication to coaching inspire all who meet her.

Mimi was born and raised in a Buddhist family in India. She has studied Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist psychology and meditation since 2000 under the guidance of masters from different Buddhist schools based in India, Nepal, Bhutan, USA, Canada and Belgium. Mimi is a certified Therapeutic Touch Therapist and a Palliative Care Practitioner and is currently a Certified Performance Coach and candidate for her ICF certification. Her practice also includes participation in multiple groups and solitary silent retreats, for periods lasting from weekends to several months at a time.

Mimi recently retired from business, and she is now focused on what was her part time passion including coaching, meditation, wellness, mindfulness and compassion. She has always been interested in sharing her knowledge, experiences, and resources.

Mimi believes that suffering, problems, and issues unite us in the human condition. She wants to serve those within her reach as well as to offer her services in a more professional setting through coaching. She met Nathalie, Co-Founder of CCA, during a meditation learning session. Mimi felt, at that moment, her vocational calling had become evident.

Mimi’s coaching conversations are an equal partnership. This is the ground that she begins sessions with. Equality creates a natural safe space. She’s not about fixing, but partnering to help you find the resilience within you. Her goal is reaching the goal of her coachee. Being a coach has immensely changed her life. Every time she can assist with clarity she finds an increase in her own happiness and inner strength. She’s able to connect in a sincere way. Mimi isn’t about building clients, she’s about building friendships. She’s learning to change her ways of thinking, talking and reflecting to offer an authentic service and to add value to her clients. 

Her footprint changes as she progresses. Right now, she sees her footprint in a secular ethic, supporting the acceptance of diversities, differences, and with self appreciation of who we are and kindness to others. This ethic shines true as she shared with us her response to what she would write on a billboard for the world to see. Mimi’s message to the world is “Yes. You can. Empower yourself and connect with your authentic self through coaching”.

Thank you Mimi, we look forward to following your coaching career and hope to continue to learn with and from you! 















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