Coach Crossings – Interview with Nagma

Coach Crossings – Interview with Nagma

 Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:

Nagma Syed has been working in Human Resources for over a decade and has worked in multinational companies. She had the opportunity to work with subsidiaries in 21 different countries with an esteemed shipping company and started an HR department from scratch for a video games company. Her academic background is in organizational psychology and she considers herself a coach at heart and by profession. It was an amazing opportunity to interview her and learn more about her passion and mission as a coach.

There have been many moments in her practice as an HR professional where she coached her managers, coworkers and employees without knowing she was coaching. It is only after reading the definition of performance coaching that she realized she had the required skillset.

Part of this comes from Nagma’s innate ability to hold space for people and her ability to build trust and rapport. A space she provides for them to explore their options in a neutral and safe environment where they can find their answers and reach actionable insights to achieve their full potential.

Nagma attended Canada Coach Academy for her certification. One of the most important things that she wanted to achieve was the ICF certification. CCA’s Co-founder and Facilitator, Nathalie Blais, was an amazing support. There was so much leeway to do things in a flexible way. This was especially important for Nagma with her full time job and family. CCA provided that opportunity and support to achieve the certification and provided a platform to keep refining her coaching skills.

In a coaching conversation Nagma shares an important distinction. That of holding neutral space, to offer mindful and bias-free exploration of the coaches concern at hand. The answers are with the client. The coach performs the task of being a neutral mirror. It’s a powerful setting of confidence, of pouring your heart out and not being scared of being judged. It opens so much potential for people. Coaching allows people to explore themselves and their potential and find the answers that they need.

Coaching has changed her life immensely. Nagma has become so much more mindful in her own life as she implemented ICF standards within her practice. When she holds space, this also opens doors within herself, and allows her to continually learn. It has increased her ability to be mindful and this has provided fulfillment.

0ne of the most important parts of Nagma’s mission as a coach is her desire to give space to people to explore and unleash their full potential. Nagma desires to be that person for as many people as she can be. “Things are very simple”, she shares, ”Keep them as is, let’s not complicate them.” This is a powerful reminder for her clients, and for us.

When Nagma interacts with people as an HR professional, as a coach, or as a psychologist, they experience the impact of coaching in their lives. They find her to be a neutral support system to explore solutions to their issues or problems. These people come back to her again.

Coaching helps her feel like she’s leaving a footprint on the world. She is touching people’s lives.

Nagmas message for the world is “Keep it Simple” She stresses the importance of realizing that things can be as simple as we can make them. She reminds us to let go of judgements and live without hesitation.

Passionate encouragement from a forever friend of Canada Coach Academy. We appreciate all you have shared Nagma, and wish you the best with your mission as a coach.

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