Coach Crossings – Interview with Penny

Coach Crossings – Interview with Penny

 Interview and Bio by Leah Butz, Special Projects Consultant for Canada Coach Academy. To learn more about becoming a coach, we invite you to visit:


It was an honour to interview Penny and to get to know more about her passion for coaching. Penny believes that love has the power to transform the world. She’s a creative, mom of two, and she has a beautiful laugh. Her heart is full of spirituality, kindness, compassion and a desire to make the world a better place. She is an experienced arts executive, and has worked in leadership in the arts and culture arena. She transitioned into life coaching after experiencing life coaching from the coachee perspective.

Penny decided to become a coach after a dramatic change in her life. An enormous amount of transition unleashed powerful changes for her and her family. During that time she made a decision that propelled and moved her forward in a dramatic way. She decided to be of service and to become a coach. Coaching had been her favorite part of her past jobs, and coaching was meant to be a way for her to focus on her skills of listening, holding space, and helping people find the solutions within.

As Penny searched for a coaching program, she wanted something with an educational structure and that grounded her within the discipline needed to become a coach. She had a phone call with Nathalie that helped her make her decision. This conversation brought with it a feeling that she had found the right place. The program was complete with mentorship and coaching practice. The CCA program included everything that she needed to become a certified performance coach.

 Penny works with women, as a goddess coach. In coaching conversations, she enjoys listening, holding space and the notion that one powerful question can rock someone’s world. This opens up possibilities that haven’t been considered. She works with women and she also likes to do work from a spiritual perspective illuminating the divine feminine. Where Penny helps them open up their desires, their pleasures, and where they explore issues need a challenge to propel forward. She likes working from a spiritual perspective.

Being a coach has changed Penny’s life in the sense that she has an awareness that problems are solvable. She feels both supported and nourished. This awareness, that came through her own powerful coaching questions, has given her the confidence that she has the answers within. Having a coach within reach, that can ask her something, provokes an awakening that she has everything she needs inside of her. It’s her passion to share this with everyone.

Her mission as a coach is to remind every woman that she is a goddess. Penny believes that we all have someone powerful within us that and we just need to be reminded that she is there. Her impact on the world is a hope that through compassion, nurture and love, every women will embrace her goddess self and grab hold of the genius that is her birthright.

 Penny’s billboard for the world to see is: ”Love is needed here”. She feels that the more love put out into the world, the more love has the power to transform, to illuminate. We can embrace authenticity and achieving goals, but transformation can all be distilled down into love. Challenges and issues that we are struggling with are often the absence of love. Powerful thoughts and ideas were shared during this interview.

A special thanks to Penny for her kindness in sharing her coach journey with us.

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