Coach Crossings – Interview with Roberta

Coach Crossings – Interview with Roberta      

by Leah Butz


We are excited to introduce you to Roberta Ephtimios. Roberta is the Operations Coordinator for Canada Coach Academy. Coaches in training love having her within reach, she’s informative and kind, but she’s also able to introduce you to the value of achieving certification with CCA. Roberta provides support and logistics for the certification courses throughout Canada. She also coordinates corporate training programs for CCA. Today Roberta shared her excitement about launching the newest location for CCA certification, in Paris, France!

Roberta has always found herself helping those around her. Her supportive roles in business have helped her become intrinsically aware of the process of personal improvement and growth. These experiences helped her see how ICF coaching sessions empower people to become their best. She finds that coaching is a time for holding space for someone to explore their options. She is a global listener. She wants to support your growth.

Becoming a coach has completely changed her perception, it has taken away any feelings of judgement and allowed her to see the power of the human mind. She is impressed by our ability as humans to improve. Her faith in, and love for people has grown. Her belief mindset has extended to the people of the world.

Her ultimate mission as a coach is to inspire you to become a coach! She imagines a world with a coaching culture, where the experience and opportunity shared forward. Her footprint on the world is creating awareness, inspiration and empowerment.

Roberta is passionate about the opportunities to learn from ourselves, and recognizing the changes that can come. Her billboard to the world includes her passion as a learner, “Be a student of yourself!” Byron Katie (Mitchell). What a wonderful thought. We can learn so much from what Roberta has shared today and we can continue to get to know her as our coaching and learning opportunities progress.

Canada Coach Academy

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