Coach Crossings – Interview with Samantha

©Photo by Diego Mora

Coach Crossings – Interview with Samantha

by Leah Butz


We had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha Gomez, live from Toronto Ontario last week. Read ahead for highlights from an awesome interview.

Samantha, a first generation Canadian with family roots in Colombia, is inspired by the human experience and the resilience of the human spirit. She believes every soul deserves to live a life in which they are happy and free to be as they are. As a coach, Samantha yearns to help people discover and own their confidence to overcome fear and live a beautiful life.

Professionally, Samantha has 10 years experience as a corporate manager, instructor, career and business coach in both the public and private sector. She specializes in partnering with people to build and maintain collaborative relationships. Samantha has a gift for connecting to people on their level with her bright energy, strong work ethic and enthusiasm.

As an ICF Certified Coach, Samantha is motivated to expand her expertise to help clients breakthrough limiting beliefs to live their dreams. She wants to create a safe space for others to challenge their boundaries and examine what holds them back from living authentically and living their best life.

Samantha says the most humbling experience being a coach is to be witness to someone’s innermost thoughts and fears; sharing things that they have never shared with anyone else. She feels privileged and honoured to be part of a client’s journey. Samantha’s ultimate goal is to challenge human kind to conquer fear, so that together we can embrace our inner sparkle to share with the world. If we grow to love the person that we see in the mirror, the world could be a very different place.

If Samantha had an opportunity to share just one message with the world on a billboard, she would write, “Be You! You came on this planet to be different. That is your gift to yourself and to the world!”

Thank you Samantha! We are inspired by your mission and message!

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