Coach Crossings – Interview with Sarah

Coach Crossings – Interview with Sarah         

by Leah Butz


It is our pleasure to introduce Sarah Flint, Performance Coach, this week on ‘Coach Crossings‘.

Sarah lives an active life in Toronto with her husband and children, splitting her time between city and country living. Her life experience as a professional in the corporate world and then as a full-time mom to two very active and interested children has led her to realize how much fulfillment she gets from helping others. She is inspired by busy moms who do it all, and sees a real opportunity as a coach to support these moms through the highs and lows of life!

Sarah gets great satisfaction in helping people get unstuck. Her pursuit of ICF Coach Certification became the perfect way to hone her skills and learn proven strategies to help others discover their potential and challenge people’s limiting thoughts and stories.

“Coaching certification has been very powerful.” Sarah tells us in her Coach Crossings interview, “I was so happy to find Canada Coach Academy. After speaking with Nathalie, I felt I found what I was looking for.” She goes on to say Canada Coach Academy has introduced her to a community of coaches and resources that is just what she was looking for. “I wanted to be connected with instructors, students, and to be able to become part of a wonderful group of people interested in one another’s growth and to help each other along the coaching journey.”

Sarah describes a coaching conversation as holding space for another person. She says it’s truly listening and putting aside your personal beliefs, thoughts and opinions to create a safe and comfortable space for the coachee.

Sarah is candid in our talk- she says coaching has changed her life. She approaches things from a calmer perspective, pausing more, and really just slowing things down. She says this deeper understanding of herself has made all of her relationships better.

Sarah’s mission as a coach is to help other mothers like herself- who have been taking care of everything- begin to take care of themselves. She wants to help women and mothers live the lives they want to live.

Finally, Sarah wants her footprint on the world to be giving people permission to dream and live their dreams. Her billboard message would read “I believe in you!” and that is exactly how I felt after spending time with her.

Thank you, Sarah! Wishing you the ultimate success in your coaching career.

To learn more about Sarah check out her website

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