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Advanced Coach Training to attain PCC or MCC Levels



Program Description

16 weeks. 65 training hours. Includes 10 hours of mentoring and multiple coach observation clinics.

Coach Masterclass is a program designed for coaches who want to reach the flow state in their coaching practice. We define flow as a state of unconscious competence in coaching skill. It is the ability to enter the empathetic listening zone with a client, to ultimately ignite new perspectives, choices and possibilities.

To be admitted to this exclusive program, you must have completed a minimum of 60 hours of ACSTH ICF training.

Facilitator Bio

Coach Masterclass is uniquely led by our Co-Founder and Master Certified Coach, Nathalie Blais. This program is currently offered selectively, 2 times per year, to pre-screened coaches. Classes are kept small for individualized attention and ample discussion, observations, and practice with immediate feedback loops to capitalize on learning and progress.

Nathalie is a Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching (IOC) and a candidate for Masters In Psychology at Harvard University.

Type:Certification Time:Years Cost:Paid Additional Details Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Nathalie Blais

Format (Fully Online)

16 weeks live virtual meet-ups (sessions are 2 hrs, twice per week) + research paper submission



Topics include:

  • Contemplative Practice & Coach Mindset
  • Noticing Stages of Readiness for Change
  • Tara Brach’s RAIN and the Practice of Listening
  • What it Actually Means to Honor the Client
  • Mirror Neurons & Co-Creating Connection
  • Finding Your Coaching Voice: Tone, Inflection and What it Means
  • Mirroring, Use of Labelling and Strategic Silence
  • How to Conduct an ‘Assumption Cleanse’
  • Coaching With Confidence Using Assessment Tools
  • Persona Distancing and “You” Statements
  • Decoding Emotion for Breakthrough Conversations
  • Surfacing Intrinsic Motivation
  • Change Plans & Facilitating Client’s Progress

Tuition is All-Inclusive

65 Training Hours
ICF resources
Facilitation of Coaching Practicum
10 Hours Mentoring
Exclusive Global Village Membership & App
Coach’s Workbook
A Selection of Our Top 3 Coaching Books (Kindle Version)
Certificate of Completion for ICF application
Regular price: $5800
Returning Students: $5500 (ask us if you qualify!)
Early bird discount: $300 (Register 2 weeks before to qualify) 
* Note, there is a prerequisite to qualify for this course, prices are subject to change.                    
Ask about our interest-free payment plans.

*Taxes are not included (Note, if you do not live in Canada, you are eligible to waive the taxes)

*Tuition Tax receipts (T2202) will be issued for the program fees you pay towards the program

Earn your Professional (PCC) or Master (MCC) Coach Status with ICF now!

Next Course Begins:

Next session coming soon. Seats are limited. Maximum 10 people per facilitator.


Course Schedule: 16 Weeks

4 Hours per Week: 2 hours will be scheduled according to group availability, and 2 hours will be scheduled on Saturday 8AM to 10AM

*We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule sessions

This program will meet the educational requirements for an
ICF PCC or MCC Credential.

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