Cope with stress by learning something new

Cope with stress by learning something new

Going into week 5 of social distancing has us feeling so grateful to be in an industry and profession that has grown stronger in this challenging landscape.

If you find yourself feeling uncertain about your professional future you are not alone. The most important question you can ask yourself right now, no matter what your situation, is “how do I want this experience to change me?”

Coaching is the science of change, and change, as we have seen, is the only certainty. There is no skill more important to master today than change.

Personal and professional development is the way forward.

Upgrading your communication skills, diversifying your professional reach, learning skillful strategies for breakthrough conversations and helping yourself and others through the discomfort zone of change is the most important thing you can do for yourself and the world today.

Early bird pricing has been extended for COVID19

Students currently enrolled in our certification courses are expressing such gratitude for learning new skills, meeting new people, and taking steps to take charge of their lives at this confusing time.

In fact, according to Harvard research, learning new things when coping with stress helps us develop feelings of competence and self-efficacy (a sense of being capable of achieving goals and doing more). Learning also helps connect us to an underlying purpose of growth and development. This way, we can see ourselves as constantly improving and developing, rather than being stuck.

Because we want you to have this opportunity to enrich your life, and the lives of others, we are making a COVID19 exception and extending our early bird discount to April 30th. So, when you register for the Life & Wellness Coach Certification or ICF Personal & Business Coach Certification before April 30th, you receive a $300 discount from the regular tuition price AND you have the added benefit of no-interest charges on our monthly payment plans.

Join us today to make a difference tomorrow.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace, health and strength in this unprecedented time.

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