Don’t think about the red balloon. ⠀

Don’t think about the red balloon. ⠀ .....So, are you thinking about the red balloon?

Don’t think about the red balloon. ⠀
…..So, are you thinking about the red balloon? ⠀

The moment you tell your brain not to think about something- you become a magnate for that thought. ⠀

Rather than trying NOT to do something, focus all your energy on what you do want! What you can do! What you desire. ⠀

There is a huge difference between saying: ⠀
I DON’T want to eat those CHIPS today VS ⠀
I WANT to eat a SALAD today. ⠀

Your energy, mind, body actively and subconsciously become in tune with what you think about. All your cells and energy manifest your thoughts. ⠀

When you focus on what you don’t want- you spend your time resisting instead of creating. ⠀

90% of people have the same recurring thoughts day after day. Be different. Take control.

You have power over your mindset. Use it! ⠀

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