Has anyone ever told you that you should become a coach?



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Has anyone ever told you that you should be a coach? Are you the person others confide in? Do people feel like they can tell you anything?

If so, you have what we call Coaching DNA- you are a natural.

Did you know the term “Coach” dates back to 1830, starting with Oxford University having used “coach” as slang for tutor.

The coaching industry was built on a steady foundation and continues to flourish. Traditionally, we think of sports when we hear the word coach. Today, this is not the case. The avenues of coaching are without limits – health, wellness, life, business, career, relationship and the list goes on.

Many people, including you, coach people everyday without realizing it. Coaching is not limited to the workplace. We coach at home with family, when a friend needs a shoulder to lean on and yes, you even coach yourself with your own self talk. That’s the joy of coaching! It’s being human – reaching out to connect, belong and be part of a community.

Coaches change lives; there is no simpler way to state the impact coaches have in the world. Coaches unleash the full potential in others. Coaches believe people have the answers to their own questions- they simply need to be guided.

Start your path to becoming a coach today. Whether you are employed full-time, part-time or looking for your next step, at Canada Coach Academy, you will invest in yourself with formal training, tools and professional development to become a masterful coach, and you’ll walk away with the confidence to do what you love; help others live their best lives.

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Upcoming ICF Personal & Business Performance Coach Certification Dates:

Toronto, ON: October 3rd
Calgary, AB: October 17th
Toronto, ON: November 28th

Have questions about the industry? RSVP here for our live Q & A on Friday September 27th.

Canada Coach Academy

Canada Coach Academy (CCA) certifies world class coaches. Our mission is to show as many people as possible how to empower others to discover their true potential. We give people the knowledge, network and tools to change the world, one conversation at a time.

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