Labels are for products, not people.⁠

Labels are for products, not people.⁠ ⁠ Good / Bad Lazy / Ambitious Boring / Pleasant

Labels are for products, not people.⁠

Good / Bad

Lazy / Ambitious

Boring / Pleasant

Even when they are positive, they set expectations that are hard to keep up or overcome. In coaching we believe labels prevent people from change. To give others permission to change, focus on today and tomorrow. Set expectations and show confidence in a person’s ability to change. ⁠

Resist judging others by what they’ve done in the past- especially when a person expresses and shows the will to change. ⁠

Yesterday is simply experience to grow into tomorrow. Labels keep us stuck in yesterday.⁠

Coaches remove labels, call attention to them, question them and challenge clients to drop them.

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