Letter of Self Compassion

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Letter of Self Compassion 


Compassion for others begins with compassion for yourself. When was the last time you stopped to appreciate yourself?

Learning to build awareness around self talk (you know that sometimes not so nice voice in your head) is a great way to self coach. And remember, all great coaches begin by looking inward. Coach yourself to a healthier, happier mindset.

In this blog post we share with you a gem from our tool box! It’s time to forgive yourself for thinking destructive thoughts, labeling yourself as “bad” or “not good enough” or simply calling awareness to those all too often destructive “I AM” statements.


A Letter of Self-Compassion

Start by choosing an aspect of yourself that you dislike and criticize. It may be appearance, career, relationships, health, etc.

1. Write in detail about how this perceived inadequacy makes you feel. What thoughts, images, emotions, or stories come up when you think about it?
2. Next, imagine someone who is unconditionally loving, accepting, and supportive. This friend sees your strengths and opportunities for growth, including the negative aspects about you. The friend accepts and forgives, embracing you kindly just as you are.
3. Now write a letter to yourself from the perspective of this kind friend. What does he or she say to you? How does this friend encourage and support you in taking steps to change? Let the words flow and don’t stress about structure or phrasing.

After fully drafting the letter, put it aside for fifteen minutes. Then return to the letter and reread it. Let the words sink in. Feel the encouragement, support, compassion, and acceptance.

Review the letter whenever you are feeling down about this aspect and remember that accepting yourself is the first step to change.


Write yourself a letter of compassion today. Be your best friend. 

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