Relating is a common trap many of us fall into

Relating is a common trap many of us fall into

Have you ever been in conversation with someone and they say something that reminds you of the “exact same” experience you had? And then you say “ya, I know exactly what you mean….. “ and you begin to share your “same” experience with them.

Relating is a common trap many of us fall into, thinking it builds rapport. In fact, it does the opposite- RELATING ROBS PEOPLE OF THEIR EXPERIENCE.

No two experiences are alike. Your zebra may be my lion, even though on the surface we appear to be sharing a (hug) ☺️ similar experience.

Emotional memories shape who we are and how we experience the world. So remember, even when we walk the same path, we notice different things and confront different feelings.

Next time you find yourself relating, try holding your tongue and allow others to share their experience with you. The result is magic- people will feel heard, valued and safe with you. That is how you build rapport.

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