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Teacher as Coach - ICF Coach Certification for Teachers



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CREATE wellbeing in the classroom

Give teachers the skill, strategy, awareness and tools to regulate their emotional landscape, to maximize their professional effectiveness and transform the classroom learning experience for all students.

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The Teacher As Coach Mission

When adult stakeholders in children’s education are actively involved in cultivating and modelling their own social and emotional competencies, the results is significant shifts in social, emotional, and academic competencies as well as improvements in the quality of learning environments.

Transform your classroom

  • Teachers feel supported.
  • Teachers feel capable.
  • Teachers model social & emotional health.
  • Teachers create wellbeing in the classroom.
  • Students feel confident, safe, resourceful.

Reimagine education

Biju Misra, Director, Operations – Enterprise Systems

“The “Leader as Coach” program by CCA empowers leaders to help their teams have a broader perspective about themselves and the impact they can have within the organization. Learning how to ask insightful and powerful questions that disrupt thinking and lead to permanent and positive change using the coach approach is the key. CCA sessions are results driven, well organized, facilitated effectively. If you are looking to raise organizational performance, there is no one better to engage. ”


Teacher As Coach Program Overview
Weekly virtual sessions customized to your availability. Enjoy a combination of live ZOOM sessions, complemented by a state of the art online classroom for asynchronous learning.  



Module 1

Embedding a Coaching Culture

  • Creating Presence
  • Empowering Teams
  • Human Connection 101
  • Reframing & Choice
Module 2

Mastering Engagement

  • PERFORM™ Conversations
  • Feedback Loop
  • “Judger” Detox
Module 3

Breaking Down Barriers

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Cultural Fluency
  • Learning to Self Management
  • Leading With Curiosity
Program Format

12 Weeks

  • Total of 40 Hours of Training
  • Weekly Live Virtual Sessions
  • Virtual Classroom Engagement (Reflections & “Homework”)
  • Mentoring & Role Play


Let's graduate better humans, not just better students.

Become the teacher students are inspired to follow.

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