The Real Reason Change Is So Hard

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The Real Reason Change Is So Hard

 Do you or anyone you know have a clear goal in mind and determination to change?

Many people, even those with the most sincere intentions and commitment, are subconsciously sabotaging their own efforts and applying precious energy toward a hidden competing commitment.

As a coach, you will learn to coach yourself and others to get out of your own way. At the very heart of coaching- no matter what the topic, industry, specialty or niche- the number one obstacle to realizing goals is competing commitments.

Become a coach to manage change in your own life and in the lives of others. Learn how to unearth limiting beliefs that guide decision-making. Adopt CCA trademarked PERFORM Coaching Model to get to the heart of the matter and help people get unstuck!

The only certainty in life is change. Nothing stays the same over time. We live in a dynamic world and people are all different. The goal of coaching is to explore the meaning people make of events and situations in their lives to help them become more effective. It is not to find flaws in others or their character.

Unleash your power to help others today. Give the gift of freedom from the paralyzing effects of unconscious competing commitments and contradictions.

Learn the tools, strategies, techniques and skillful language to understand why people behave in ways that undermine their own success.

Sign up today for ICF Performance Coach Certification.

Let today be the day you start to live your passion and purpose. Coaching is a thriving global industry because people need your help!

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