There has never been a more important time for mindful and compassionate leadership

There has never been a more important time for mindful and compassionate leadership

 Leaders in all industries are on the front lines of the emotional impact of COVID19 on workforces worldwide. There has never been a more important time for mindful and compassionate leadership.

“Managing compassionately is not just a better way to build a team, it’s a better way to build a company.” – Jeff Weiner

A healthy workforce becomes a productive workforce. In fact, according to Arrianna Huffington in her book THRIVE, employees gain an additional 90 minutes of productivity when they take care of their emotional and physical needs. Companies have a responsibility to put the health of their people, the ones doing the work that keeps business running, first. And it starts with the leadership teams who are face to face with the stress, anxiety and emotional highs and lows of the people they manage.

Coaching is a compassionate approach to leadership. One that considers the whole-person, inspiring people and lifting people, versus shutting people down and promoting a culture of fear. Creating a culture of wellness in COVID means calling on your leaders to both practice and set an expectation for transparent communications. The mistake is to think that this happens naturally or without effort. The truth is that most leaders are promoted for their expertise, not for their people management skills. The best companies nurture, support and encourage leaders to develop their communication skills, knowing that cohesive cultures are made or broken with the quality of communication.  

 Leaders who coach master the skill of compassionate communication with intention and purpose. The coach-approach to leadership is learned- it is not organic! In fact, if we rely on natural instincts, most leaders will defer to command and control styles of leadership to feel valued, protect their territory and be seen as the expert. It’s not a personality thing, it’s a culture thing! We are raised to have the answers- not questions. Schools, communities and parents reinforce that expectation throughout our lives. 

When leaders shift to a coach mindset, challenges are transformed into learning opportunities and coachable moments to establish a collaborative experience. Unlike mentoring, coaching takes a partnering approach to leadership with the mindset of empowering employees with ownership and responsibility for their impact within the organization.

Canada Coach Academy offers Leader As Coach training that has been proven to transform teams across the globe. Ask us about our special Leading In Crisis series.

 There is no more important time to be a coach.


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