Tips For Coaching Up To Get Noticed

Tips For Coaching Up To Get Noticed

Have you been passed over for a promotion? Are your efforts going unnoticed at work? Do you ever feel like no one sees you?

We live in a social world. Connection and belonging drive human behavior. The only surefire way to get noticed and move up in an organization is to consistently deliver results that impact others positively. Coaching skills not only get you noticed, people remember you because of how you made them feel.

Coach Up and Over Deliver

So what does coaching up mean exactly?  When your boss assigns a project or asks you to tackle a challenge, you can bet your boss already has expectation of what the outcome or solution will be. For example, you’ve been asked to confirm what percentage of workers have received training for a new piece of equipment. Instead of confirming a number your boss already has in mind, redefine the assignment. Get curious. What other information can you gather in executing the task that would provide your boss more insight and start thinking about next steps and new possibilities?

Coaching up is creating opportunity and raising awareness; it’s shifting perspective and adopting a possibilities mindset. Coaching up tells your boss, “I will do everything in my power to make you look good- I will over deliver so you can over deliver too.” The power of gratuitous contribution is huge and often underestimated. Coaching up is saying “hey- I have your back”.  Presented in the context of curiosity (asking powerful purposeful questions to expand awareness)- it becomes a non-threatening way to say to your boss “What other opportunities are available to us?”

When you report back with insights no one noticed or thought to consider before – that progress your team’s objectives… your boss will remember you, not only for your contribution and out of the box thinking, but for how it made him/ her feel- supported and prepared.

Coach Up and Across to Make Everyone Better

What impact do you want to have on the people you interact with?  No one wakes up thinking “Today I’m going to be an asshole.” (I hope!!)  Equally rare is the person who wakes up thinking “Today I’m going to compliment each of my team mates and notice when they do something right or great”.  The latter example may seem a little Mary Poppins to some, and you might be right! The million dollar question is “Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins?!”

Coaching and appreciation makes people feel good. Feeling good leads to better self-esteem, feeling more relaxed and more optimistic. It creates a pay it forward attitude and  “we’re in this together” mentality in the workplace, which of course makes your organization more successful. The dopamine effect of peer coaching and appreciation also clarifies thinking and makes us smarter, more able to redefine challenges and innovate.

Whether it’s a simple “great job” or public recognition for your efforts and time on a project, everyone likes to be appreciated. Appreciation is a solid foundation for building employee engagement, motivation and retention.

What new actions will you take today to coach up and across to make everyone around you better?

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