We Are In This Together- COVID19

We Are In This Together- COVID19

Last night I felt privileged and grateful to take part in a virtual session with students who felt safe to share their emotions, challenges and fears in this surreal time. The power of the connection in our student body is overwhelmingly comforting in this climate of fear and social distancing.

Coaches come together in their passion to help others. Now more than ever coaching is a powerful connector. In the reality of isolation and communities shutting down coaching is a lifeline to many. As it stands, 95% of coaching is done virtually. Today that number is likely 99%. The virtual platform offers the opportunity to connect, to grow, and to thrive across any divide.

We at Canada Coach Academy are a community of coaches ready and willing to help. If you are suffering from fear, worry, overwhelm or you just need someone to lean on, reach out to us. We will connect you to a coach who will stand with you, empower you and protect your confidence. This is an unprecedented special offer for 3 free sessions with a CCA Coach to acknowledge these unprecedented times. There is isolation, but there does not have to be loneliness. Please don’t hesitate to take us up on this offer.


Get the support you deserve. All sessions with your coach are confidential.

We are stronger together. We all know someone impacted by this difficult situation in a multitude of ways. The real challenge is to look for the opportunity. What becomes possible for you? For your community? For the world?

Some of you may have seen the quote about Isaac Newton floating around. In 1665, the University of Cambridge temporarily closed due to the bubonic plague. Newton had to work from home, and he used that time to develop calculus and the theory of gravity. So the question is, how will this time serve you and those around you?

All certifications offered by Canada Coach Academy have been re-structured to be online-only until further notice. The ICF has made an allowance for all face to face programs to be moved online without having to apply for revisions to the programs. Virtual learning is safe and affordable. Become part of our community.

What door will you open today?

Canada Coach Academy is officially recognized by the government and approved by the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, under subparagraph 118.5 (1)(a)(ii) of the Income Tax Act. Accordingly, students may claim the fees paid to the institution for purposes of the tuition tax credit. We issue at T2202 form.

If you want to read what people are saying about us take a look at our Founder’s LinkedIn profile at Nathalie Blais or our Facebook page. We’re a little slow on the social media front… but we are working on it! (That’s what happens when you get so many referrals! You forget to build your social proof!)

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Wishing you and your loved ones peace, health and strength in this unprecedented time.

Warm regards,
CCA Team

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