What experience does a coach need?

What experience does a coach need?

We get this question often from people interested in becoming a coach, wondering if there are any prerequisites, or if they have what it takes to become a coach.

The answer is always, “the human experience”.

Coaching is truly different from any other helping profession in this way. Coaches don’t need expertise in a given domain to brand themselves in a niche. In fact the best coaches are the ones who know nothing about a client’s expertise.

Does that sound crazy?

The answer sits in curiosity. To approach a client as though seeing a human for the first time! We actually had a student call it “alien mode”.

We wish for all coaches to sit in wonder of their clients, because it is in wonder that you find objectivity. It’s when you agree to put your experience aside, in favour of the clients experience, “A-Ha” moments surface and clients make the most progress.

So, what makes a great coach?

The best coaches manage their own bias, presumptions, ego and assumptions. They reach for objectivity and act as a mirror, reflecting observations in the form of feedback to help others unlock fixed ideas, consider new perspectives, which lead to new possibilities, and new decisions.

What does it take to be a great coach then?

You genuinely care about another person‘s progress. You are curious about the human experience. You feel fulfilled when others grow. You accept not knowing the answers. You love to support others in good times and bad.

Being a good coach is not about your expertise in a field of interest, it’s about authentically wanting to understand the world from someone else’s perspective. That means you need to let go of your stories, your beliefs, and your general outlook for that hour that you sit with a client and be open to their perspective.

Objectivity is the super power of coaches.

It’s in objectivity that we are able to observe, offer feedback, and truly witness another person’s experience.

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