What is the Role of a Life Coach?

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What is the Role of a Life Coach?

You might be asking yourself, what does a life coach do exactly?

The role of a life coach is to guide and support people in realizing their dreams. A life coach provides a
safe place to explore thoughts, feelings, emotions and goals. A coach is a partner to walk through life
with. One that holds no judgment, no ulterior motives and no attachment to your decisions. Coaches
offer people the freedom to work through issues without the pressure to please anyone but themselves.

Life coaches are skilled and trained to unearth what holds people back from living their best lives. Much
of the training to become a coach is focused on unlearning flawed communication styles that are
embedded in our culture. Coaches learn to listen for beliefs- not problems. They learn to ask questions
to reveal information for the coach, not for the coach. They learn to hold space, not wait to speak.

When you become a coach you learn knowing what you want is not enough to get it. The number one
difference between people who achieve their goals and those who don’t is one simple question: what
are you willing to do to get what you want?

Qualified, certified life coaches are trained to ask appreciative questions to uncover potential and
harness strengths to help others achieve life-long change.

What Are 3 Key Points a Life Coach Can Help With?

When coming up with life-changing strategies, there are 3 key points a life coach can help others with:

– Realizing “dreams”
– Personal Growth
– Making positive changes

Your role as a life coach is to partner with people to help them move past unconscious goals that are
derailing their lives. Coaches use inquiry to draw out the feelings, thoughts and “noise” that get in the
way of realizing goals. Life coaches are backed by holistic approaches to promote mind-body
connection. They focus on well being to achieve fulfillment and purpose.

ICF Coaches are supported by tools, strategies and techniques that help them hone their craft and
achieve powerful results for their clients. With a proven framework, certified coaches learn the skill of
building momentum in coaching conversations to empower others to own their results all the while
building momentum to change their behaviors and ultimately change their lives.

What Are The Skills Needed To Fulfill The Role of a Coach?

Almost everyone who comes to our certification has been told by someone in their lives “you should be
a coach!”. That is often the spark that gets people to start exploring coaching as a career path and it’s
the first sign someone has what we call “coaching DNA”.

Aside from training and certification, successful life coaches:
– Love to connect to others
– Are genuinely curious about others
– Have the desire to help others grow and succeed
– Are open-minded and self-managed
– Have a strong network of personal and professional contacts
– Are empathetic, kind, caring and thoughtful
– Have life experience that connects them to struggle, challenge and conviction
– Love to learn and are committed to self-growth

If this sounds like you, you have what it takes to be a life coach! A fulfilling career in this invaluable role
is at your fingertips. All programs on virtual and easily accessible. There is no better time than now to
get started!

How can CCA Help You Fulfill Your Role as a Life Coach?

Canada Coach Academy is on a mission to train and mentor world-class coaches so that together we can
help others live their best lives, one conversation at a time. When people are living their best lives, the
world is at peace and everyone is fulfilled. 

When you belong to our global network of professional coaches you are surrounded by like-minded
people who believe what you believe- that connection is the path to well-being. With a number of ICF
accredited programs to set you on the right path, Canada Coach Academy is devoted to your success as
a coach and is right there with you, every step of the way. 

Become a coach today to start changing lives now.

Canada Coach Academy

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