Your dream is one step away

Your dream is one step away

Life is a series of micro choices made in the present moment.

Coaches help people live in the present moment because that is where you are most powerful!
Wisdom and high performance are revealed and expressed in the present, and it’s where all good, true and real things exist.
                                                                                                                                                                                  To become a coach is to help others harness the present moment in the pursuit of realizing their full potential. Coaching is cultivating awareness of who you are now- consciously and subconsciously- and who you want to be.

Coach Certification is the pursuit of a dream for many. The dream of supporting others to live THEIR dreams! There is no better role in life.

That dream can be yours with one small step.

Become a coach today. With a fully online experience anything is possible.

Our Certification programs have been optimized for online learning to engage, unite, inspire and interact as though you are in the room with us.

Gold Standard training has never been more accessible. Our facilitators are among the best in the field of coaching and emotional intelligence, trained by Brene Brown and other prominent figures in the helping professions.

Join a warm, inviting community of like minded people who believe what you believe- that connection is the path to greatness and human potential is unlimited.

When you choose Canada Coach Academy, you belong to a Global Village led by our co-founder Nathalie Blais, MCC that will be your tribe for life.

ICF Personal & Business Performance Coach Certification
Upcoming Dates:
Week of August 17th (Early Bird ends July 30th)
Week of October 19th (Early Bird ends September 19th)

ICF Life & Wellness Coach Certification
Upcoming Dates:
Week of September 14th (Early Bird ends August 14th)
Week of November 9th (Early Bird ends October 9th)

Ask about our early bird discounts! Save $300 today.

There is no better time to become a coach.
Start transforming lives today. It begins with yours.

Canada Coach Academy

Canada Coach Academy (CCA) certifies world class coaches. Our mission is to show as many people as possible how to empower others to discover their true potential. We give people the knowledge, network and tools to change the world, one conversation at a time.

Canada Coach Academy is an environmentally aware company. We are committed to minimize the impact of business practices on the environment. This includes efforts to maintain a print free environment – from classrooms to our corporate culture – as well as doing our part to eliminate gas emissions with virtual meeting spaces. Our goal is to have a net positive environmental impact to preserve the beauty and gifts of the earth for future generations. Canada Coach Academy is a proud sponsor of The Nature Conservancy of Canada, creating a legacy for future generations by conserving important natural areas and biological diversity across all regions of Canada.