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Executive Coach Certification

Elevate your coaching expertise to new heights with our ICF certified Executive Coaching Certification Program. Harness the art of executive coaching and unlock the potential of high-level leaders, as you acquire advanced techniques and strategies to have a profound impact on others.

Life & Wellness Coach Certification

Unleash your passion for coaching others towards a balanced and fulfilling life, as you learn cutting-edge techniques and strategies to inspire personal growth and holistic well-being. The life and wellness certification program will guide your  journey to empower lives and make a lasting impact.

Leadership & Performance Coach Certification

Ignite the leader within you with Canada Coach Academy’s ICF certified Leadership Coaching Certification Program. Tap into your innate ability to inspire and empower individuals in their professional journeys, as you gain comprehensive knowledge and mastery of advanced coaching techniques and strategies.

Advanced ICF Coach Skills

Take your coaching to extraordinary heights with Canada Coach Academy’s Advanced ICF Coach Training. Designed for experienced coaches seeking to attain the prestigious PCC credential, this comprehensive certification program equips you with the advanced skills, deep insights, and expert guidance necessary to elevate your coaching skills.

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“I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this amazing coach training program as it has truly transformed the ways I have conversations in business and in day to day life.”

Michael Prosserman
CEO, Keynote Speaker
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  • Experienced, world-class facilitators.
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  • Experiential and active learning, accessible from anywhere.
  • We provide you with people to coach to complete the practical component.

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