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ICF Mentor Coaching Programs

Hire an ICF Mentor to deepen your understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and take your coaching skills to the next level.

10 Hour Mentor Coaching Package

Mentor Coaching Package – 10 Hours

Every ICF Coach needs 10 hours of Mentoring to become more skillful and to reach the next ICF Credential level or maintain your current credential level. Join our thriving global community to get started or simply connect with an Admissions Coach to learn more about your available ICF pathways.

PCC Mentor Coaching Hours

Individual Mentor Coaching With PCC Coach

All of our PCC-level Coaches have over 1200 hours of combined experience coaching, mentoring and facilitating coach certification courses. Our expertise sets the bar high to guarantee your success. Mentoring packages include access to the Coach Academy Global community with over 1000 member coaches.

Mentor Coaching with Master Certified Coach

Individual Mentor Coaching With MCC Coach

Master Certified Coach (MCC) is the highest distinction in coaching. ICF MCC-level coaches must have over 2,500 hours of coaching. Our MCC-level coaches are the best in the profession on a global scale. If you want to Master your coaching skills, hire one of our MCC-level coaches to experience career-changing shifts.

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You are recently certified and want continued support and feedback as you develop your coaching skills? You are an ACC-level coach looking to graduate to PCC-Level in the next 10 months?

Look no further!

Canada Coach Academy is here to support you on your journey with our comprehensive mentor coaching packages.

The Best Coaches Turn To CCA For Mentor Coaching

Benefit from experienced mentors with extensive coaching experience and ICF credentials. Enjoy a tailored approach that caters to your unique needs and goals. Gain practical insights, real-life examples, and constructive feedback to effectively integrate ICF competencies into your coaching practice. Join a supportive community of like-minded coaches, where networking, collaboration, and learning thrive. Trust Canada Coach Academy as your certification partner that equips you with the knowledge and skills to meet rigorous certification standards.

ICF Mentor Coaching Details

What To Expect During Mentor Coaching Sessions 

All Mentor Coaching Packages & Sessions Include The Following
  • 10 Hours of Mentoring
  • 6 Month Membership to CCA Global Village
  • Peer Coaching Opportunities
  • Access to Premium Content For up to 6 Months
  • Live Virtual Mentoring, Accessible From Anywhere
  • Flexible, Set Your Schedule With Your Mentor
  • Access to Both PCC and MCC-Level Mentors
  • Certificate of Completion For 10 Hours of Mentoring

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If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

ICF Mentor Coaching FAQs

Does ICF certification require both group and individual mentor coaching hours?

Yes and no! The ICF requires you to participate in a minimum of 3 hours of Individual Mentoring, and the balance can be group, however, it is not required to participate in Group Mentoring to earn your ICF Credential. IN other words, all of your mentoring hours can be individual.

How many mentor hours are required for ACC, PCC & MCC credential tracks?

10 hours of mentoring is required when you want to renew your ICF Credential at all levels.

  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach): A minimum of 10 hours of mentor coaching is required.
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach): A minimum of 25 hours of mentor coaching is required.
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach): A minimum of 35 hours of mentor coaching is required.
Are mentor coaching hours required for ACC renewals?

Yes, mentor coaching hours are required for ACC renewals. According to the ICF, ACC coaches need to complete at least 10 hours of mentor coaching, which can include a combination of group and individual sessions, within the three-year renewal period.

How are mentor coaching hours tracked, documented and submitted to the ICF?

Mentor coaching hours should be accurately tracked and documented by the coach seeking certification or renewal. It is the responsibility of the coach to maintain a record of their mentor coaching hours, including the date, duration, and format (group or individual). These documented hours are not submitted to the ICF during the application process but may be requested for audit purposes.

What is a mentoring hours log and how do I submitted it?

A mentoring hours log is a record that coaches maintain to track their mentor coaching hours. You are required to track the date, time and total hours for each mentoring session for your records. The log serves as evidence of fulfilling the mentor coaching requirements and may be required during an ICF audit.

The ICF recommends an Excel log template to track your hours. When you submit the log to the ICF, you simply state your mentor’s name and contact information, and the mentor will be sent a confirmation email to approve the hours.

What is the purpose of ICF mentor coaching hours?

The purpose of ICF mentor coaching hours is to provide coaches with guidance, support, and feedback from experienced mentors who are knowledgeable about the ICF core competencies. Mentor coaching enhances coaches’ skills, deepens their understanding of coaching principles, and helps them integrate the competencies effectively into their practice. Mentor coaching is an essential component in the journey towards ICF certification, promoting professional growth and ensuring coaches meet the high standards set by the ICF.

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