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Canada Coach Academy is the Ivy League of coach training, but don’t just take our word for it, take a read through some of our alumni’s recent experiences!

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Paul Gagnon

I had an excellent experience with Canada Coach Academy. Their program provided a comprehensive understanding of coaching principles and techniques, enabling me to provide a confidential and safe space for individuals to explore their obstacles. I highly recommend Canada Coach Academy to anyone looking to develop their coaching skills. 5 stars.

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Steve Kim

I completed the 20-week Life & Wellness coach classes in May 2023 and the curriculum and support have been excellent both during and after completion of the classes. The curriculum is well established to meet the ICF credentials and the resource, networking and on-going support that are provided within the Coach Village community are also above expectation.

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Celine Legault

I took the life and wellness program and absolutely loved it. The staff is very accomodating and the coaches teaching the program very down to earth and available when needed. They are extremely professional. Also, the cohort very much became a little family. I totally recommend the program.

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Jason Gould

Truly an amazing experience! The CCA program, the platform/content, and it’s inspiring facilitators went above and beyond my expectations! My learning experience was a complete success. I now have the tools and ability to clearly live and perform within my personal values/mission. The facilitators and content opened my mind to a completely different way of coaching my team, and personal clients!

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Marcia Golding

Thank you Canada Coach Academy for providing me with the tools and resources needed for my self-development to explore my coaching purpose passionately. And to the wonderful mentors and facilitators, thank you for your dedication and commitment in helping me create a growth mindset to bring a positive change in the world, one person at a time through mindful conversation and listening.

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Ty Caya

I have not been in a classroom setting for 20 years and CCA made me feel welcome and a part of. I learned so much about the coaching world and more about myself. There are a lot of options out there for coaching schools but I do believe that I chose the right one for me. The staff, facilitators, mentors and students alike, made this a very enjoyable and knowledgeable experience.

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Jesse Schuhlein

I took the 20 week leadership and performance coaching class. I already had a bit of coaching practice. I had a great class and we made some close connections. I learned more than I was expecting and have a lot of great reference material to come back to. I am looking forward to doing more coaching and I’m really glad I took this course.

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My experience at CCA has been nothing short of transformational. Not only did I learn many new skills to serve others, I also gained so much personal clarity and growth. I am incredibly grateful for Nathalie and the entire team.

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Brooke B

I took the Life & Wellness program through CCA and loved it. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and welcoming, and the course was well laid out. I learned a lot about myself, and I came away feeling prepared in moving forward with my coaching career. I highly recommend.

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Roxanne Chenier

What an awesome experience both professionally & personally going through the Health & Wellness program. Our Facilitator Nathalie Blais is just great! I highly recommend the CCA.

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Igor R

In terms of value, this is the best coaching program you can get whether you live in Canada or anywhere else in the world. It’s 100% online but all the classes are live and the instructors push you to move outside of a comfort zone to become a great coach. I’ve seen introverted people really grow into good coaches with the support they received from their classmates and mentors.

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Venkat Chamarti

Wonderful experience. Great Team and very knowledgeable and experienced Facilitators . CCA made us invest in us to work for success . It made us focused on the coaching process and gave us confidence in redefining ourselves as better coaches. Thank you Natalie for everything

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Annie Lalonde

CCA offers an incredibly supportive space for learning and personal growth through their classes and global community. The course curriculum is compelling and I always left every class feeling inspired. I just finished a 20-week course in Life and Wellness Coaching and I cannot say enough about our course & facilitator!

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