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Are you captivated by the untapped potential of individuals? Do people often acknowledge your innate coaching abilities? Our Executive Coaching Certification program is meticulously crafted for individuals who aspire to coach high-level professionals and unlock their full potential.

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The Ivy League of Coach Training

Take your coaching career to new heights with Canada Coach Academy’s ICF-certified Executive Coaching Certification program. As the gold standard in coach certification, an ICF accreditation from CCA sets you apart as you adopt proven strategies tried and tested with over 35,000 hours of coaching practice and observation. ICF Certification provides global recognition across 136 countries and all our programs are backed by evidence-based practice, grounded in peer-reviewed research.

Join the largest regulatory body in coaching, instantly gaining credibility and unlocking a world of opportunities with your ICF credential. Distinguish yourself from coaches without certification and elevate your professional path today.

Program Description & Details

ICF Accredited Executive Coach Certification

Become a PCC ICF Coach

All-Inclusive Tuition: Ask About Payment Plans.

  • 125 ICF Coach Education Hours, 26 Week Program.
  • 10 hours of Group & Individual Mentoring
  • Coaching Observation Clinics
  • Coach Exchange Practicum
  • 12 months Platinum Community Membership
  • Business Resource Tool Box
  • Global Network & Resources
  • Professional & Business Coaching Certificate of completion
  • Everything you need to earn an ICF PCC credential.

Program Location: Online/Virtual
Program Pricing: Regular: $10,700, early bird is $10,400.

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If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Executive Coach Certification Program FAQs

Are all of your certifications ICF certified?

At Canada Coach Academy, quality comes first. Our training programs have earned the esteemed ICF Approved and Accredited status. We take meeting the industry’s highest standards seriously, conducting thorough evaluations and regular reviews. When you join us, trust that your coach training journey is of the utmost quality and integrity.

Who is the perfect candidate for the Executive Coach Certification?

The Executive Coach Certification is a comprehensive program for anyone who wants to adopt a coach approach to their communication style, while also learning to coach others to reach their full potential. The Executive program qualifies for 125 ICF Coach Education Hours. The certification offers robust tools, strategies and grounded evidence based theories to equip Executive Coaches and leaders with everything they need to have a profound impact on others. Whether you want to be a coach, mentor or simply improve your leadership style, this program will offer you both a personal and professional transformation that others will notice immediately.

How do I choose the right coach certification program?

With so many coach program certifications out there, how do you choose the right one? Simple!

Look for a program that caters to your unique learning objectives, fosters a supportive community for ongoing growth and skill development, offers valuable post-graduate services, keeps its program content updated with the latest industry trends, and is rooted in evidence-based grounded theory. At Canada Coach Academy, we have meticulously designed our program to meet these criteria and more, providing you with the perfect foundation to thrive as a coach.

Our admissions advisors are here to help answer any questions you may have. Get in touch today!

How many coaching courses do you offer?

We offer five primary certification pathways to cater to your specific coaching goals. Let’s break it down for you:

ACC Leadership or Life & Wellness Tracks: If you’re looking to specialize in leadership coaching or life and wellness coaching at the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level, these tracks are perfect for you. Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in these specific areas and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

PCC Executive or Life and Wellness Tracks: Ready to take your coaching practice to the next level? Our Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Executive or Life and Wellness Tracks are designed to help you enhance your coaching expertise and make a profound impact on high-level executives or individuals seeking to improve their well-being. Elevate your coaching skills and unlock the true potential of your clients.

Advanced Skills PCC Level Training: Are you an ACC-level coach looking to level up or simply wanting to refine your coaching abilities? Our Advanced Skills PCC Level Training is tailored for coaches who aspire to move from ACC to PCC or simply become better at what they do. Gain advanced techniques and strategies to maximize your effectiveness and deliver exceptional results to your clients.

What are the advantages of being ICF certified?

ICF (International Coaching Federation) is the world’s largest Accrediting Coach Organization located in over 138 countries and is setting the world standard in coaching. ICF is a diverse and inclusive community that honours all people.

Some benefits of ICF certification include:

  • Earn a globally recognized accreditation (136 countries).
  • The largest regulatory body in the coaching industry.
  • Gain instant credibility and opportunity with an ICF credential.
  • Differentiate yourself immediately from coaches who are not certified.
Who facilitates your programs?

Our facilitators represent the Gold Standard in ICF Certified Coaching skill level. They are world class and each boast of a thriving coaching practice, with years of additional specialized training.

Is the Executive Coach Certification program offered in multiple languages?

Currently, Canada Coach Academy’s Executive Coach Certification program is exclusively offered in English. However, as an organization committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility, we are continually exploring expanded language offerings in the future.

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