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Program Description

20 weeks, 64 hours, ICF ACSTH approved program. 

Format (Fully Online)

Weekly virtual video conference. Live training & interaction.

Classes are once per week for 2-hour sessions. Date & time are agreed to and scheduled as a group once registration is complete. Check the course calendar below for “kick off” weeks. 

Tuition is All Inclusive

64 hours of training
10 hours of group mentoring
Access to exclusive online forum: CCA Global Village
Coach’s Tool Box
Coaching Practicum (100 hours) 
Diploma of completion
All study materials and ICF resources
 Regular price: $4200
 Early bird price: $3900  (early bird discount of $300 when you register 1 month before start date)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Ask about our no-interest payment plans.

*Taxes are not included (Note, if you do not live in Canada, taxes do not apply)

*Tuition Tax receipts (T2202A) will be issued for the program fees you pay towards the ICF programs


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Upcoming CCA Certification Dates 2020

Kick Off WeekYearLocationRegistration
January 18th2020ZOOMSold Out
March 22nd2020ZOOMSold Out
May 18th (Early Bird ends May 18th)2020ZOOMSold Out
July 13th (Early Bird ends June 30th)2020ZOOMSold Out
July 13th – 2nd course added due to high demand (Early Bird discount applies)2020ZOOMComplete
September 14th (Early Bird ends August 14th)2020ZOOMSold Out
October  19th (Early Bird ends September 19th)2020ZOOMSold Out
November 16th (Early Bird ends October 16th)2020ZOOMSold Out
December 7th (Early Bird ends November 7th)2020ZOOMOpen

2021 Certification Dates!

Kick Off Week YearLocationRegistration
January 18th (Early Bird ends December 18th)2021ZOOMOpen
February 15th (Early Bird ends January 15th)2021ZOOMOpen
March 22nd (Early Bird ends February 22nd) 2021ZOOMOpen
April 19th (Early Bird ends March 19th) 2021ZOOMOpen
May 24th (Early Bird ends April 24th)  2021ZOOMOpen
June 21st (Early Bird ends May 21st) 2021ZOOMOpen
July 19th (Early Bird ends June 19th) 2021ZOOMOpen
August 23rd (Early Bird ends July 23rd)2021ZOOMOpen
September 20th (Early Bird ends August 20th)2021ZOOMOpen
October 18th (Early Bird ends September 18th) 2021ZOOMOpen
November 22nd (Early Bird ends October 22nd) 2021ZOOMOpen

*We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule sessions 

This is an ACSTH 64 Hours Program approved by the ICF
ICF Life & Wellness Coach Certification

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